Organic Carpet Tile
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Rectilinear geometries with or without repetition and order. Orientations that create directionality, regularity or chaos.

THERE IS A MINIMUM ORDER of 25 carpet tiles. Free delivery for domestic United States locations, with arrival between 4 and 8 weeks. Each tile is 1 square meter, or about 39” x 39”.

See Specifications regarding size, thickness and warranties, along with information about shipments outside the US.

See Installation to determine how many square meters of carpet tile you need.

Architecture and Interior Design professional firms: There’s more information at the bottom of this page.


$49.95 per Sq.M.

The price is equivalent to $4.64 per Sq.Ft. Many competitor carpet tiles are 20” x 20”. Their price per tile needs to be $12.89 to match our price per square foot. And don’t forget we offer…

Free Shipping in U.S.

Etruscan, Blue + Beige + Gray
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Etruscan, Brown + Tan + Ivory
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Etruscan, Gray + Ash + Blue
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Each square is exactly the same, but the design on it allows for many different configurations to be made by merely changing rotations during assembly. No glue is used so you can pick them up anytime and create different compositions. There's no other flooring product like it.


Organic Carpet Tile is also known as FreePattern®. There are more color options and information for Etruscan at the manufacturer’s website. If you want one of their color options, just Contact us to get started.


Architecture and Interior Design Firms:

Discounts may apply for professional offices.

This product is manufactured at the Milliken factory through a licensing agreement with Joy Carpets Inc. Many architecture and interior design firms already have a Milliken sample book. You can get the sample book for the FreePattern® collection directly from Joy Carpets Inc